Coding Guideline

The following is not mandatory but shows some best practices:


  • Define constants in Extensions > QFQ > Custom > ...
  • Dynamic values under Extensions > QFQ > Dynamic > ...

QFQ content record

  • Name the record in the header field with:

    • Regular content: [QFQ] ...
    • Content in the left column: [QFQ,L] ...
    • Content in englisch: [QFQ,E] ...
  • The first lines should be comments, explaining what the record does and list all passed variables. Optional variables are indicated by using STORE_EMPTY or STORE_ZERO:

    # Shows list of Persons living in {{country:SE}}
    # {{country:SE}}
  • A good practice is to define all possible STORE_SIP Parameter in a SQL at the beginning and copy them to STORE_RECORD:

    10 {
      # Normalize variables
      sql = SELECT '{{country:SE}}' AS _country
      # List selected persons
      20.sql = SELECT FROM Person AS p WHERE LIKE '{{country:R}}'
  • Always comment the queries like shown above.